Robo-Advisors and The Evolution of Wealth Management

Presentation by Gary Karz - 8/5/2015
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According to Schwabs's 2019 Modern Wealth Study only 28 percent of Americans have a financial plan in writing. We help investors create a written Investment Policy Statement and get on track to invest like a professional, in fact investors today can aim to compete with and even outperform so-called professional investors (by minimizing costs and avoiding the mistakes that too many investors make).

Every investor is unique, with individual goals, risk tolerances, and circumstances. While general rules and automated strategies can be useful, we work with investors that are seeking personalized services that go beyond standardized methodologies and "one size fits all" solutions. We offer flexible services designed to provide the client with the most efficient investment process for their specific goals. We tailor our services to be as cost-effective as possible.

Some investors contract with multiple investment firms, yet are interested in overall or focused guidance in special circumstances. For those investors we provide second opinions and auditing services.

Many other investors prefer to manage their own investments, yet are interested in some professional guidance. For those investors, we provide planning services and portfolio reviews.
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