Robo-Advisors and The Evolution of Wealth Management

Presentation by Gary Karz - 8/5/2015
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Proficient Investment Management, LLC is a Los Angeles-based investment advisory firm providing customized investment services. Proficient offers investment advisory services in the form of managed accounts, as well as financial planning services.

Every investor is unique, with individual goals, risk tolerances, and circumstances. While general rules and automated strategies can be useful, we work with investors that are seeking personalized service and are not interested in standardized "one size fits all" solutions or standardized methodologies. We offer flexible services designed to provide the client with the most efficient investment process for their specific goals. We tailor our services to be cost-effective and provide the most appropriate services available.

Proficient specializes in managed accounts whereby we maintain a discretionary relationship and invest the client's account on his or her behalf. We never take custody of clients assets; investments are always in the client's name and controllable by the client at all times. We charge much lower than average fees for managed accounts by focusing on the investment activities that have been proven by academic research and empirical results to favorably impact investment results over time, while avoiding activities that have been proven (again, by both academic research and actual results) to subtract value, or have unfavorable risk/return tradeoffs.

Some investors contract with multiple investment firms, yet are interested in overall or focused guidance in special circumstances. For those investors we provide second opinion and auditing services.

Many other investors prefer to manage their own investments, yet are interested in some professional guidance. For those investors, we provide selected services including portfolio reviews and second opinions.

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