Like many people, I’ve been intrigued by cryptocurrencies for many years. I’ve heard plenty of people tell me they bought some, but I haven’t heard a pitch yet that impressed me enough to want to buy Bitcoin, or any of the others. I posted my reasons to buy cryptocurrencies here, but a few years ago I did actually buy a souvenir Bitcoin Gold Plated Commemorative Collector’s Coin and I think this is the image that you often see associated with Bitcoin (for instance if you Google Bitcoin Image), although there is nothing tangible traditionally associated with Bitcoin. There is apparently an interesting backstory to these coins which have MJB imprinted on the back.

I ordered mine 1/25/2018 and paid $1.89. You can search Amazon or other locations for other versions. Bitcoin is actually below the price when I bought my “coin” but it looks like I could actually sell mine for more than I bought it for since the closest match looks like its listed for $6.99.

Check out Cybercash

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