Talmud Portfolio

Perhaps the first recorded wealth management advice was published over 1500 years ago in The Talmud. Many investment professionals have noticed various English translations and commented on the relevance of the simple advice to divide one’s wealth into thirds, with most interpreting the thirds as 1) Real Estate 2) Stocks, and 3) Bonds. With the evolution of REITs and ETFs globally, it has become easy and inexpensive to implement a global diversified strategy based on the Talmud’s advice. I take a deeper dive into the background of the Talmud, the specific recommendation, and its implications for modern investing (including citations of Jack Bogle, Roger Gibson, Meir Statman, Meb Faber, and others) at TalmudPortfolio.com, which also includes a video discussion with Sal Litvak at The Accidental Talmudist.