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Gary Karz, CFA

In 1996, Gary Karz was working for an investment banking firm in Los Angeles headed by a former Partner of Goldman Sachs as the internet was just starting to revolutionize the financial world. He became an early adaptor by personally launching several simple, but useful web sites including InvestorHome.com, which was featured on CNBC shortly thereafter. Nobel Laureate William Sharpe described the site as “a treasure trove of information” and later shared with Gary the pre-launch website of FinancialEngines.com, which was effectively the forefather of what is now called the “Robo-Advisor” industry (the firm Sharpe founded went on to become the largest registered investment advisory firm in the United States).

For more than a decade, Gary consulted to many of the largest investment firms in the world on best execution, trading efficiency, and improving performance through minimizing costs. His research has been cited in best-selling books including Eric Tyson’s Investing For Dummies and Jason Zweig’s revised edition of Benjamin Graham’s classic The Intelligent Investor, as well as in leading academic journals including the Financial Analysts Journal, the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Trading, and the Journal of Portfolio Management. His research has been cited in Forbes, Barron’s, Kiplinger’s, Morningstar.com, TheStreet.com, and he was once described as an “indefatigable organizer” in Individual Investor Magazine. An article in the San Francisco Examiner summarized “Entrepreneurs like Karz who are more interested in providing good information than making a quick buck are a rare breed.” In a 2014 article at the Wall Street Journal, Jason Zweig listed him among fifteen “Smart People for Investors to Follow” (along with Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, William Bernstein, and others).

Gary holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a graduate of the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He lives in Los Angles with his wife and four children.