Gary has decades of experience in the investment business and has worked directly with many of the most prominent firms in the industry. His career began in 1987 after he passed the NASD Series 7 exam during his junior year in business school at the University of Southern California. He has worked for a prolific commercial real estate development firm, a boutique investment firm headed by former Goldman Sachs Partner Lewis J. Kaufman, and spend over a decade at Plexus Group (and JP Morgan Chase & Investment Technology Group via mergers). As an independent and unbiased advisor, he worked directly with Boards, CIOs, Portfolio Managers, Compliance Officers, and Traders at some of the largest and most successful money managers in the world.

In 1996 Gary launched (and continues to publish) which was described by Nobel laureate William Sharpe as “a treasure trove of information.” In 2014, award winning journalist Jason Zweig at The Wall Street Journal described Gary Karz as one of fifteen “Smart People for Investors to Follow.” He has been cited or published in numerous peer reviewed journals (Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Finance, Journal of Portfolio Management, and Journal of Trading) as well as in the Wall Street Journal. InvestorHome has also been cited in Forbes, Barron’s, Kiplinger’s,,,, and on CNBC. InvestorHome has also been cited in best selling and critically acclaimed books including Eric Tyson’s Investing For Dummies, William Bernstein’s The Intelligent Asset Allocator, and Jason Zweig’s “revised” edition of The Intelligent Investor. You can follow Gary on Twitter.

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